About Our Story

“Our Story is now Our Mission”

My husband and I have always been active sports enthusiasts. From horseback riding to skiing to swimming to biking to golfing and just plain exercising…..WE ARE ACTIVE! Or at least we WERE active until that dreaded aging process on top of past injuries started making all of that difficult, if not impossible.

My husband was about 50 when he started noticing his knees would hurt too much for him to jog his usual 5 miles / day. As for me, my back issues progressively got to the point that it was difficult to even get out of bed without serious pain. While my husband accepted this as part of the aging process, I never did.

And that’s where my journey to FIND THE ANSWER began! I tried every form of treatment I could find that might have any impact on my back issues and severe discomfort and disability. I was told over and over again that I would just have to live with the pain until I couldn’t stand it any longer and my only option then would be the dreaded 7-letter word “surgery”! UGH!

Well, I still didn’t take that as an answer. One day, while visiting a friend, she could see the discomfort I was in. So she told me about the BEMER. I had no idea what a BEMER was (other than a car), so I was a bit skeptical. So she put me on her BEMER mat and turned it on. I didn’t feel a thing happening, but she assured me, it was working. Since I trusted my friend, and since I had nothing to lose, I laid there while the program did its thing.

I did it twice. And then the unexpected an unimaginable happened….. I got out of bed and sat down for breakfast and for the FIRST TIME in nearly 8 years I felt COMPLETELY NORMAL, no issues and no discomfort !!! I was shocked.

Certainly it must have been some kind of very unlikely coincidence. I mean, what could possibly happen in ONE DAY that could remove my back issues??

My husband thought it was a placebo of course, as most husbands would…..

Except, it wasn’t.

I spent the next 3 months doing as much research as I possibly could on BEMER physical vascular therapy, as well as all the competitor machines. Although some of the competing devices were a little less expensive, BEMER stood out as the best by far because of 3 things: it had many documented and published medical studies, it has a 3-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and because they had tremendous customer service. The other devices did not.

Fast forward to today. It’s now 5 years later and we are 5 years older. Yes both my husband and I are “playing” like we were in our 30’s again! He’s now 64 and running his 5 miles / day and I’m golfing and biking every chance I get. In fact I just shot an 89 last week. 😊

Every “body” is different of course and I do realize that my results are not “typical”. However, I often hear that people notice increased energy and better sleep almost immediately. And most people take about 4 weeks of twice/day usage before noticing any other significant changes. But since there is a month guarantee, what do you have to lose?

– Dr. Phil & JoAnn Zymler